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Photosensitive Epilepsy Warnings

According to the National Library of Medicine, somewhere between 2 and 10% of the epilepsy population is affected by photosensitivity, or a sensitivity to light. for these people, rapid changing in lighting and colors can trigger a seizure. While this may only effect a small population of our community, we still think it is important to accommodate these individuals to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

A sign, posted near the entrance to the auditorium lobby prior to all performances, will warn the audience of the lighting being used in that performance by the following metrics:

Red Warning Signs

  • Flashing lights and/or changing colors will be used frequently during this performance

Yellow Warning Signs

  • Flashing lights or color-changing lights are used briefly throughout this performance

Green Warning Signs

  • Little to No flashing or color changing will occur during this performance


If you have any further questions about the lighting for a show, email Auditorium Manager, Mark Revesz Jr at before the show, or visit the control room and speak with an auditorium staff member prior to the start of your performance